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From tooth whitening and veneers to complete smile makeovers, you can trust our cosmetic dentists to help you banish common smile issues. Manchester Unity Dental Care offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments and long-term dental planning to ensure you can live your life smiling with confidence.

Whatever simple or complex dental issues you’re faced with, our cosmetic dentists in Melbourne are ready to provide the highest standard of cosmetic dental care.

Common smile issues

From time to time, we all face challenges with our appearance, but when it comes to your teeth, you can rely on our friendly cosmetic dentists to find the right solutions. Below are just a few of the common smile issues our cosmetic dentists have been able to correct.

Dark and yellow teeth

Whether you have stains on your teeth or thinning enamel showing yellow dentine below the surface of the teeth, dark teeth can significantly age your appearance.

Crooked teeth

Even if you’ve had braces before, teeth can shift over time as a result of relapse, grinding habits, lost teeth, and excessive pressure from the tongue.

Short teeth

A common result of grinding or other causes of wearing down of the teeth over time and with age, short teeth can look disproportionate on the overall face and negatively impact your smile.

Damaged and decaying teeth

Poor diet and dental care can lead to cavities, decay, diseased gums, cracks and breakages that need to be treated before cosmetic concerns can be addressed.

Missing teeth

Usually resulting from trauma or diseased teeth that were extracted, missing teeth will affect the facial shape due to loss of supporting structure. Concerning as they are, our cosmetic dentists in Melbourne offer plenty of options to solve these issues. We design a plan just right for you and can:
  • Brighten your teeth
  • Mask imperfections
  • Protect weak or damaged teeth
  • Replace missing teeth

To book a convenient appointment with our trusted cosmetic dentists, call our clinic on 03 9654 8055 today.

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